Seminar: “I did it OUR way”

Recently we conducted a program for a 5 star hotel in New Delhi on Teamwork. The most interesting part of the program was the interaction between the participants who had never really sat together for an entire day. Speaking about their issues made them feel liberated and the feedback shared with us was very encouraging.

At times, unless we are watchful, the daily grind at work comes in the way of creating bonds and fostering positive work relationships, especially when cocooned in departments. The big picture is by-passed and employees tend to play the blame game instead of the same game!

Feel my bottom-line

Just concluded a two day public seminar on Contextual Selling with participants having sales experience from 1 – 15 years in selling heavy to light machines, real estate & hospitality, high-end cables etc.

Surprising to note that after all these years of selling, sales persons are unaware of the concepts of bottom line and top line. Some of the answers on top line were “management”, “high quality”, “top down approach” & “booker” while their take on bottom line ranged from “customer” to “low quality” to “bottom up approach” & “guest”. In an audience of 19 participants, not one came close to the concept of revenue and profits!

Organizations must seriously ensure their sales personnel understand the basic concepts of their financial statement as then only will they sell with a better understanding of their contribution to the organization.