Guests expect Personalization

IHG recently surveyed more than 7,000 international travelers and found during the last 12 months, guests from emerging markets are traveling more than those in developed markets and have the highest expectations for hotels to deliver personalized experiences. Other findings from the report include:

  • Travelers think global hotel brands do a better job than local hotel brands in several areas including safety and consistency.
  • For the majority of travelers the biggest benefit personalization delivers is increased comfort during their hotel stay — 59% of travelers said their hotel stay will be significantly more comfortable.
  • 62% of Millennials said being able to access personal content such as movies or music would motivate them to return to a hotel compared to 55% of travelers of all ages.
  • 72% of travelers over 65 said a hotel that made it easy to make healthy food and beverage choices would motivate them to return, compared to 61% of Millennials.

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