Past Workshops

2 day Public Workshop: “Managerial Effectiveness”

Group participants

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Ramiah in session

Exercise on listening skills

Music exercise: managerial skills


Tower building exercise

Tower building exercise

Venue: The Zuri Whitefield, Bangalore
Date: 07 & 08 Jun 2013

Participating Organizations

(Bangalore, India)
The Leela Palace
The Zuri Whitefield
Grand Mercure – Accor
The Park
The Atria
United Spirits Ltd. (U.S.L.)
Toscano Restaurants
Caperberry Restaurant
Olive Restaurants – “Like that Only” & “Monkey Bar”
Smoke House Deli

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Enjoyed the SWOT exercises particularly and this program has helped me to understand hidden talents from within my team”

“Enjoyed the exercises and case studies and aspects of managerial skills. Would have enjoyed more case studies.”

“The interaction between the faculty and us was excellent and would have liked more time spent on role-plays”

“I enjoyed the content and the trainers style and felt that there was a lot of ‘value add’ for me”

“The trainer’s presentation style was really good”

“Enjoyed the active participation and the staging of real life incidences”

“Very effective program – informative, stress-free and shows us how to better our handling skills”

“Techniques taught are practical and can be put to use at my workplace”

“The trainers engaged the audience well. A little more audio-visual would have been nice, but overall well done!”

“The workshop connected to real-life situations and we could relate to it very well”

“Very informative and I am going to apply these fundamentals in my area of work”

“Love the exercises and case studies discussed over these two days”

“Very effective program… enjoyed the SWOT session as well as the session on ‘talent identification'”

“Simple and practical solutions to handling issues at work were provided and this was a valuable component to this workshop”

“Loved the fact that the trainers were able to connect theory with practice”

“The case studies, interactions and the trainer’s style of involving the participants is a highlight of this program”

“The content was good and the message was to focus on strengths of people, something we normally tend to ignore”

“The trainers’ ability to engage the audience was simply outstanding!”