Past Workshops

2 day public workshop: “What the Front-Line Manager needs to know about Selling”

Conducted for Goa’s hospitality trade

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In session

In session

In session

Venue: The Zuri, Goa
Dates: 07-08 Oct 2014

Participating Organizations in Goa:

The Leela Goa
Park Hyatt Resort, Goa
Grand Hyatt Bambolim
Goa Marriott Resort and Spa
Holiday Inn Resort
The Zuri Goa
Kenilworth Resort
Haathi Mahal, Mobor
Beach Club, Benaulim
Royal Palms, Benaulim
Monterio, Baga
ITC Fortune Select Regina
Cidade de Goa

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Best program attended. Both trainers deserve a salute! I learnt a lot from this program and specially loved the role plays and interactions between the participants and the trainers.”

“I learnt a lot from other’s experiences and specifically enjoyed the sessions of body language, understanding needs, etc. The best parts of the program were the case studies which come so close to our real life day to day work experiences.”

“Very effective role plays and audience engagement and interaction. The trainer encouraged questions and this was really good. This program was extremely relevant with the trainer from the industry itself, who understands the plight and hotel ‘lingo’ better.”

“I got to learn a lot from individual experiences. This was very practical learning – I liked the role-plays, the different sets of people from different hotels that were able to share their experiences and ideas.”

“This program gave me an insight on asking open ended questions and also a different perspective on how to see a situation from different angles. I enjoyed the Role-Plays, the practical and real life case studies and how everything taught related to my job.”

“A very engaging and interactive program, made very simple and easy to understand. I understood through this program my areas of improvement and how implementing what I learnt here would help me professionally as well as in my personal life.”

“The wealth of experience the faculty had and the relevant examples and solutions they had to offer were the highlight of this workshop. A flawless program with very practical understanding of the problems faced in the industry and good tactics to solve them.”

“I learnt a lot from this program – how to be assertive, how to connect with the guest, etc and to me this program was excellent. The ability of the trainers to relate with issues faced in our industry was notable. I enjoyed learning and interacting with other colleagues from other hotels and how they tackle situations in their workplace.”

“I learnt about Information, Time and Power and its significance in negotiations with guests… this was something I was not aware of earlier. Connecting and relating to the audience with the real and practical case studies helped us to learn very effectively. Sharing experiences was another big plus.”

“Relating with practical day to day experiences was the highlight of this workshop. The engagement and participation of the group with the faculty was noteworthy. This program helped me improve my awareness and the interaction and sharing of experiences was extremely good.”

“This program connected very well with reality and the trainers were able to use this as a base to explain concepts very well. I gained from the learning’s of other departments and this program covered all aspects of what it had promised.”