Past Workshops

2 day Workshop: “Guest Centricity – We Care”

Conducted for Managers of Paul John Resorts & Hotels, Bangalore

Ramiah & Rajan with The Paul Resorts & Hotels team, Shelley Thayil(COO) & Bindu Neel (Group GM)

Ramiah & Rajan in Session

Rajan in session

Ramiah in Session

Group Exercises

Ramiah in session

Client: Paul John Resorts & Hotels
Date: 13-14 July 2022

Participant Comments:

“Understanding Guest issues prior to reacting to them, finding the root cause and then resolving them… these are some of my learnings.”

“How to understand where we need to focus on for better guest handling and problem resolution, and the importance of training and staff development for guest delight, were my prime learnings.”

“The Case Studies and Role Plays were very interactive and useful. The detailing in this proram was amazing.”

“An extremely knowledgeable and useful workshop, with a very practical approach.”

“The interactive sessions were excellent, and so were the role plays. I really liked the interactions and clarifications provided on topics, and the discussions therewith.”

“The knowledge and the presentation shared helped me to gain skills which I can follow at my work. This was a very informative and detailed program… wish it could have been longer.”

“The presentation and group interaction was the best part of this workshop. It was an interesting program with great participation from everyone.”

“I learned many things… to see situations from the guest perspective, resolving problems. The learnings on Root Cause Analysis to understand Opportunities for Improvement, to me was the best!”

“Very interactive, participative and personalized; The two-way communication through the workshop encouraged and gave all an opportunity to participate.”

“I liked this program very much. Root Cause Analysis to understand Opportunities for Improvement was great learning.”

“This was a very interesting and interactive workshop. It has helped me to understand how to do a root cause analysis and focus on solutions for customer delight. The case studies will be very helpful to my future handling of guest situations.”

“The training sessions were excellent & very knowledgeable. Case studies discussed and their RCA for OFI discussed taught me how to ensure sustained Guest Delight.”