Past Workshops

2 day workshop: “Negotiation Skills for Area Sales Managers”

Conducted for USL Karnataka Sales Teams

Group Picture

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Group activity in progress

Rajan interacting with participants

Ramiah interacting with participants

Client: United Spirits Ltd, Bangalore
Dates: 07-08 August 2014

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“I really liked the way this program was conducted… good ways of conducting negotiations were brought to light. I realised that collectively thinking and seeking solutions to issues generates better results instead of doing this just by myself”

“I gained immensely in this program, especially in how to handle tough dealers. Through this workshop I specifically learnt best practices to negotiate towards a win-win deal”

“Case studies taken up were extremely relevant and this program was very well handled along with being very interactive”

“One of my biggest gainers in this program was that “there is a solution for everything and by persistently searching for the best result, we can settle any issues”

“I enjoyed the mock sales calls and learnt so much on simple things like the importance of body language while dealing with clients”

“The workshop helped me think out of the box, seek for more options and solutions and helped me understand my BATNA”

“Value perception and how I must ensure that the value in my clients mind must always be higher than the value in the product was a key learning for me. The importance of BATNA and also grooming on sales calls was an important learning”

“A couple of concepts which were basic were not implemented by me earlier and I have realised the importance of them now through this program and will definitely implement the same”

“Loved this workshop… I have attended 8 workshops during my career here and have found this one to be the most effective. Concepts of ‘different perceptions’ through the 16 squares, ‘talk less – listen more’, ‘win-win & win-lose’, implementation of ‘BATNA’, identifying and utilising ‘key words’ – these were my take-aways from this program”

“Loved the concepts of BATNA, ZOPA, Out of the box thinking, etc. This workshop made me think and look for options and solutions hidden within situations”

“Connecting few theories with the role-plays conducted was very interesting and I liked this very much”

“Enjoyed the learning through this program. Also learning from my team-mates and working together as a collective effort and in tandem was another plus for me”

“The application of BATNA in our business was what I liked best.”

“I appreciated the humility of the trainers and the fact that they stressed throughout about how the answers lay within us and our 400 odd years of collective experience. They were able to bring ut the best in us by connecting well with us”