Past Workshops

2 days Strategy Workshop: “The Way Forward”

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Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Group exercise

Music exercise on managerial skills

Group Exercise

General Manager Sita Lekshmi sharing inputs

Concluding Session

Client: Aloft Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru
Venue: The Marriott Whitefield
Date: 03 & 04 Feb 2023

Participant Comments:

The activities were fun and thoughtful, the program was structured and engaging. While day one was slow-paced, the day two energy was amazing

I appreciate how the trainers brilliantly communicate to us and engage and drill the concepts in our minds. The session is fast-paced but informative and exciting.

Enjoyed the session on Understanding Gen Z, the audience engagement, and the theories connected to the content.

The interactive sessions and relevant tips to take things forward in the future is what I liked most

The sessions were interactive and kept interest level throughout, and the interaction between the speakers and the participants was very good

Loved the two-way communication and the role plays conducted, along with the knowledgeable training which will help us in our day-to-day operations

The engagement was good, the trainer made everyone participate; Live examples were used and it was an interactive session and made us assess ourselves properly

I got to learn about Talent Identification which will always be very helpful. Also loved the activities in the workshop