Past Workshops

Two-day public workshop: “Managerial Effectiveness”

Conducted for Bangalore’s Hospitality trade.

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Exercise on Managerial Effectiveness

Group Exercise

Group Exercises

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Venue: Mövenpick Hotel & Spa, Bangalore
Dates: 04-05 Mar 2016

Participating Organizations

Orange County Kabini
Kumarakom Lake Resort
The Paul
Zuri Kumarakom
Zuri Whitefield
Mövenpick Hotel & Spa
Howard Johnson
Toit Brewpub
Windmills Craftworks

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“This training session has helped me to be more confident. It has opened my understanding about the product I am selling. It has also shown me the market potential which can be tapped. It has also helped me to handle rude (angry) guest and payment handling.”

“An extremely interactive program. Everything was just right.”

“SWOT – self-analysis, team building and exercises given were the highlights of this workshop. The interaction between participants was incredible. I learnt a lot of new concepts.”

“I liked the style of teaching and knowledge sharing during this workshop. SWOT for self and my colleagues was of great interest to me.”

“The pace of the sessions was really good and none of the sessions were done in a hurry. Good interaction was achieved throughout the program.”

“Role-plays, sharing of experiences, problem solving exercises and examples given were very good. I learnt a lot on balancing staff, handling my H.O.D. and on relationships with other departments.”

“It was an excellent and interesting workshop. I loved it and hope to have more opportunities to attend such programs.”

“I appreciate the way the sessions were delivered, using examples and engaging us throughout. It was just perfect.”

“The activities and their relevance to our work was well handled. Even the case study on Chef Sudhakar was an excellent one.”

“The planning and scheduling of the two days was excellent. The sessions were interactive and since participants had common concerns, we could relate. I learnt various managerial styles through the relevant topics shared.”

“A very systematically conducted workshop with relevant content. I liked the involvement of both trainers and their dedication and professional approach.”

“The way the trainers kept us involved throughout and interacting with people from other hotels and restaurants was the highlight of this program.”

“A very knowledgeable, interactive and fun workshop. From this workshop I learnt a lot on how to create a good working environment in my department.”