Past Workshops

Workshop: “Contextual Selling”

Conducted for the all-India Sales team of Oakwood Residences India

Group picture

Rajan and Ramiah in session

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Rajan interacting with participants

Ramiah interacting with participants

Venue: Oakwood Premier Prestige, Bangalore
Date: 05-06 July 2019

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The Training session had a real-life contextual relevance and it reinforced the beauty of following basics and how they help in getting sales”

“Everybody was involved and engaged during the workshop. Mr. Daniels is an excellent speaker. The trainers engaged and involved everyone in the programme. Also they explained in detail each point along with relevant examples”

“A very interactive workshop with a lot of learning which certainly helped in expanding our knowledge and skills”

“This workshop made me realize the mistakes I do on field and how to correct them. It also helped me evaluate myself, thereby adding value and enhancing my selling skills”

“They were numerous gains through this workshop, but the best part was that the participants were engaged throughout and a lot of practical examples were given”

“A very well structured programme, logical in sequence. It addressed the core issues in a simplistic manner”

“A very interactive session with great role-plays which helped us in understanding the selling concepts”

“The role-plays were the best part and a great learning wherein I learnt several techniques to help me improve my selling skills”

“Small yet important skills which we tend to overlook and forget were highlighted during this workshop, revealing the difference they make in our sales results”

“This programme consisted of very clear learnings through activities, with the faculty extremely knowledgeable about the subject”

“The interactive sessions helped us understand issues and how to resolve the same in a better manner”

“This workshop was properly planned and the flow and execution were what I really liked best”