Dangling Carrots
& Peanuts

Retention In A Competitive Environment

Duration: 1 day

Organizations often feel that they are giving the best to their employees. They believe that employees would stay on as they are offering the most juiciest carrots in the market. The paradox is that employees, inevitably feel that they are being fed peanuts instead.

Salary is no longer the sole motivator to retain good talent, while self-development & learning along with achievement motivation has climbed up the Gen Y employee charts this century.

Hospitality Paradigm looks at the issue of talent management as a key performance objective for all team managers in today’s extremely competitive environment. The full-day session brings together teams within the organization to view retention of their teams as their personal goal and not solely that of the HR department.

This sessions also looks at damage control in the face of inevitable attrition by addressing the principles of knowledge management and succession planning.