Past Workshops

Two-day public workshop: “Enhancing Negotiation Skills”

Conducted for Bangalore’s hospitality trade

Group picture

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Interacting with participants

Analysing a role-play

Venue: The Den Bangalore
Dates: 02-03 Nov 2018

Participating Organizations

Taj Bangalore
ITC Gardenia
The Den, Bangalore
Howard Johnson Hotel
Ibis Novotel Techpark
Pride Hotel
Brigade Hospitality

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The approach and attitude of the trainers was extremely good and I will surely be able to utilise the workshop learnings in my day to day negotiations”

“The trainers’ knowledge and enthusiasm were what I liked very much and I have learnt a lot in these two days which I hope to implement in my work”

“I loved the interactive sessions with case studies and their analysis thereof”

“The session on ‘BATNA’ and ‘Perceived Power’ were extremely useful to me”

“The role-plays were great learning and I wish we had more time to conduct some more, based on hospitality case studies”

“BATNA and the case studies were of great learning to me. Also, asking for concessions while giving them was an important practical learning”

“I liked the interactivity and group exercises along with the role plays and their relevance to my work”

“A very interesting, informative and effective workshop with live examples showing and solving situations which we come across regularly”

“I learnt many new techniques in selling and negotiation, which I was unaware of and which will certainly benefit me in the near future”

“Extremely realistic examples were discussed and the learnings will support the effective execution of proper selling tactics”

“A useful program where we can make use of the learnings in our daily interactions as HODs of departments other than sales”

“A very interactive workshop with lots of role plays over these two days, thereby giving me a better understanding on the topic of negotiation”

“The workshop highlights to me were the topics of ‘BATNA’ and ‘Issue Analysis’ and the good part was that the examples used were in the context of the hotel industry”