Past Workshops

Workshop: “Faculty Development Program”

Conducted for Faculty of all India IHMs, 06-08 Mar 2019

Group picture

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Online Training Session

Online Training Session

A Picture speaks a 1000 words Exercise

A Picture speaks a 1000 words Exercise

A Picture speaks a 1000 words Exercise

Gen Z analysis Exercise

Venue: IHM Bangalore
Dates: 06-08 Mar 2019

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The connection and analysis between the different generations was very well done and I wish we could have had time for more learning on online sessions”

“Lovely workshop full of activities… the learnings gleaned from the online sessions was extremely interesting”

“Participant were kept involved throughout the three days’ workshop as the entire program was kept very interactive”

“The handling of the post lunch (graveyard session) period was interesting to note – how the trainers kept it extremely interactive”

“The trainers were extremely approachable and very strong on their time management over the three days… I especially enjoyed the learning styles and the various activities, viz. the music and the drawing exercises”

“The faculty were extremely dedicated and the topic was of contemporary importance – very useful to us. I also enjoyed the session on web based training”

“Lot of participative sessions with group work and activities made this workshop a fun learning experience”

“The inputs given on handling the new generation students and how to adapt the learning styles according to their needs was really interesting”

“The workshop was extremely interactive and I especially liked the videos shown on how Gen Z are so hooked onto their devices and how it would need a special effort on our part to distract them from their new gen habits”

“Learning preferences was very interesting and the way the entire program was kept interactive was amazing”