I Do, I Do
Customer Relationship Management

Duration: 2 days

This two day program by Hospitality Paradigm covering the importance of retaining clients in the long-term and their life-time value to the organization will provide sales persons the tools and techniques to turn client interactions into a serious competitive advantage.

Even the best run organizations occasionally run into difficult situations with their customers. Often times it is not just a business process or operational issue that has gone awry, it is the ‘interaction management’ which needs to be sorted out.

Clients notice not just what you do; they pay close attention to how you do it. The client’s perception of service quality needs to be capably managed in addition to obtaining superior results. The sales person’s professionalism, listening skills, availability, responsiveness, reliability and ethical behaviour are all factored into a client’s level of satisfaction. Over and above individual expertise, these relationship skills can turn an acceptable (or a disappointing) experience into a memorable marriage or business success story, be it through increased orders, excellent referrals, or enhanced staff morale.