No Discounts Please
Value Selling Techniques for Major Sales

Duration: 2 days

In a desperate bid to close orders, sales people often resort to heavy discounting, thus sacrificing profitability.

So as to ensure a premium, The sales person’s task is to increase the Value Perceived by the Customer (Vc) over the Value inside the Product (Vp). It is only when the client sees huge value over the price quoted, that he will not ask for unreasonable price reductions.

To become a preferred vendor in a competitive market, the sales person needs to prepare thoroughly before going for a major negotiation. Using the Sales Funnel to maintain a consistent flow of business, the sales person must be able to visualise the client’s BATNA, ZOPA and RP to handle tough negotiations by countering price discounts and other concessions.

This two day workshop by Hospitality Paradigm will reveal to participants a road map for reaching their margins as well as revenue targets, without unneccesary caving in through discounting or value add-ons.