Past Workshops

One day workshop: “Emotional Intelligence”

Conducted for Heads of Departments, The Leela Goa

Group Picture

Rajan in session

Rajan in session

Venue: The Leela Goa
Dates: 14 Oct 2015

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“This entire program was really good. I loved the exercises throughout and the interaction was excellent.”

“The interactive nature of the program and the valuable examples given during the sessions kept all of us engaged. The test for empathy and other relevant exercises were excellent.”

“This session will be useful to me not just for my professional life, but also for my personal life.”

“The importance of emotions in my daily work has been revealed to me today. The examples and exercises shared and conducted were of relevance.”

“The trainer himself is very interactive, knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed this very lively, informative and participative session.”

“I loved the detailed discussions and the test for empathy in this workshop. Understanding myself on an emotional level and trying to understand others on a professional as well as personal level is what I would like to implement here onwards.”

“Constant connect with the participants and the exercises and explanations therewith made this program extremely interesting.”