Past Workshops

One-day workshop: “Front-Line Creative Selling”

The Leela Kovalam, Kerala

In session

In session

In session

Rajan & Ramiah with the attendees

Client: The Leela Kovalam, Kerala.
Date: 30 July 2013

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Thank you very much for this nice session on cross/up selling. This has given me a lot of confidence.”

“The interactive training helps as it gives us a clearer idea on what we must do. This program is useful to us as well as to the organization and will help us in our career. ”

“This interactive session was wonderful and informative and I am glad of the chance to be a part of this training.”

“I learnt many new things and I now understand the concepts of up selling and cross selling and how to interact with my guest and create additional revenue for my company.”

“Excellent training – was lively and interesting. We would like more such trainings to be conducted in the future. Thank you for the learnings.”

“An excellent training program which helped clear my doubts and given me a better understanding and confidence to face my clients.”

“This program never allowed me to feel sleepy! It will definitely benefit me a lot in my career and I recommend it for the entire team.”

“To be honest, I have never attended such a training program where I have learnt so much.”

“This has helped me immensely and I liked the “understand my guest and identify his need” concept, specially through the role-plays conducted.”

“An extremely interactive program, helping us understand our guests and how to build rapport and connect with them. Enjoyed the role-plays conducted.”

“The best part was the role-plays and I am confident that I will be apply this at work and succeed. Most trainings I have attended in the past has had one trainer and this one was made more interesting with two trainers. Thank you for this awesome training.”

“This program has boosted my confidence and helped me also think out of the box, keeping the guest uppermost in mind.”

“I liked the training because it gave me an idea of how to think creatively. Previously, I would only think about my department… Now I will also think about my guests and then sell according to their needs rather than only to mine.”

“This program has helped me understand my areas for improvements and I hope to be a better and more effective seller using the concepts learnt today.”