Past Workshops

One day workshop: “Talent Management”

Conducted for Managers – The Leela, Goa

Group Pic

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Group exercise

Venue: The Leela Goa
Dates: 15 Oct 2015

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“A lot of interaction with the participants and suggestions were taken from the audience – this makes it much easier to understand”

“I loved the part about recognizing talent by the process of identifying them from amongst Striving, Thinking and Relating Talents.”

“An extremely interactive session and the knowledge imparted on identifying and retention of talent was great.”

“I was never bored during this session. It was a good programme and covered the correct and interesting topics.”

“The material and examples / case studies were extremely apt and helpful to me. How to identify talent and how to take an appraisal was my key learning.”

“The trainers’ expertise stood out during this workshop. Everything was just perfect and I really enjoyed as the sessions were just fantastic. This will really help me henceforth in my job.”

“This training was excellent and helped me understand my own strengths and weaknesses.”

“Identifying talents and concentrating on strengths rather than weakness has been my main take away from this workshop. The flow of this workshop was extremely flexible and there were never any wrong answers for anything.”

“A very interesting topic… very interactive and extremely informative. Wonderful exercises, proper timely breaks, involvement of everybody; this programme projected a concept that the manager himself needs to invest time in retaining talent.”

“The approach of the trainer and the knowledge and experience shared was an excellent learning opportunity which makes this workshop perfect with no changes required.”

“I loved the interactive training sessions and the trainer’s sense of humour. It certainly helped that the trainer knew the hotel.”

“I liked the way the topics were related to our real life scenario. I particularly enjoyed the case study on Chef Sudhakar.”

“The best thing about this workshop was the real life examples.”