Past Workshops

Online Public Workshop: “DNA of a Star Sales Performer

Conducted for Salespeople across Industries

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Venue: Online (Zoom Session)
Date: 25 Aug 2021

Participating Organizations

  • LDRA Technology
  • Electronica Hitech Machine Tools
  • Titan Engineering & Automation Ltd.
  • Ecoclean Machines
  • Garware Technical Fibres
  • Rangappa Kamat Group of Hotels
  • Palette Hotels India

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Thank you for this training program. I would like to appreciate your approach to self-realization and improvement techniques for sales. I was able to identify myself as a Work-Horse and understand the areas where I need to improve, to achieve my targets. We would be delighted to hear more from you so kindly keep us posted on your upcoming sessions”

“This was a wonderful session, and I like this framing: “Efforts + Effectiveness gives Results.” Being very new to this field it was a pure learning Workshop for me, thank you – You are such an amazing host.

“It was a great session. It has helped me self-evaluate myself and has provided an action plan on how to improve my skills to become a star sales performer. Thanks for your wonderful training session.”

“I really enjoyed this program. It was very useful for me. Now I am able to understand the 4 categories of salespeople (Deadwood, Workhorse, Unutilized Talent, Smart). Based on the quadrant people fall in, I will be able to take some actions, which I can discuss with my manager during performance discussion, with clear data and analysis. I will be able to rate subordinates based on the data and analysis, with accurate results rather than biased ones.
The webinar was very good – it was very interactive, and you have answered questions then and there. Thank you very much for conducting this program.”

“Thanks for the opportunity given. This session will be helpful for me while assessing my subordinates now, from a different perspective rather than the obvious numbers.”

“I liked this interactive session which has helped me evaluate myself – where exactly I am going wrong. This will help to correct actions and improve efficiency, performance, and decision-making. Now, I can start to focus on improvement areas and efforts to achieve targets.”

“A very motivational, interactive, and valuable workshop. We learned a lot of things during the program, like how to measure the potential of ourselves and our subordinates, motivational thoughts, etc.”

“This webinar workshop will be very useful in helping us use our sales data, to identify the strengths of our guest-facing Managers and Supervisors, for appreciating our Star Performers; It will enable us to identify our Work Horses and members with Underutilized Potential, in order to help them with due guidance and support/training on the route to becoming a Star Performer!”

“I really enjoyed the training session. I was able to understand the difference between a Hard & a Smart salesman. Also, I learned how to map the performance of an ideal salesman with the 4 quadrant analysis method.”