Past Workshops

Online Sales Workshop: “VUCA – The way ahead”

Conducted for Sales Teams of Oakwood Hotels, Bangalore

Group picture ~ Oakwood Hotels, Bangalore

Venue: Online
Date: 05 & 18 May 2020

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Thanks immensely, Ramiah and Rajan, for your inspiring and well interactive, productive training sessions conducted for the team. I am confident that the team would definitely benefit from this refreshing training booster!”

“My team and I would like to thank both Ramiah and Rajan very much for the time taken to run us through this fantastic ‘refresher training’ of a model. These sessions were very interactive, with a lot of brain storming and the points would definitely help us in due course of time to expect the unexpected in terms of sales and client engagement especially during the current situation of the Pandemic.”

“This has boosted the team’s thought process, especially as they have understood where they need to funnel their thinking and efforts in order to bring about the change and achieve our goals.”

“The simple communication and language used during the training by Ramiah and Rajan along with examples with a tinge of humour made the training all that especially different and very enlightening. We look forward to attending many more of your sessions in due course of time.”

“The team has received pointers through these sessions to think about solutions with a new perspective.”

“Thank you for the insightful sessions which were thought provoking; it has indeed helped us to be well prepared with the eventualities we will come across in the near future and quickly get adapted to the new normal. This is helping us devise our action plan based on the points discussed in the sessions.”