Past Workshops

Online Sales Workshop: “VUCA – The way ahead”

Conducted for Sales Team of Paul Hotels & Resorts, India

Group picture ~ Paul Hotels & Resorts India

Venue: Online
Date: 12 & 14 May 2020

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Thank you for the wonderful session; the key learning from the session being, collaborative thinking helps in finding solutions and solving critical problems.”

“Thanks for the training. This was a good platform to connect with the Pan India Sales team along with Ramiah & Rajan’s best inputs to overcome the challenges peculiar to this pandemic situation, more interestingly to look at the solutions within ourselves for adapting to the newer version of life both on a personal and professional front.”

“The 2 sessions we have attended were really helpful in understanding the different challenges what we are going to face in the current situation and the way to navigate through them. It was a great interaction with seniors of our industry like Ramiah and Rajan. Thank you.”

“It was our pleasure to be part your wonderful online training session. Thank you for making us feel positive and guiding us on how to handle the current challenging situation better. I look forward to attending more of your sessions in near future.”

“Your sessions are always motivational and help in boosting our mindset. It was a great learning for us on how to handle the current pandemic and post pandemic scenario.”

“Thank you for the 2 wonderful training sessions. As you rightly said, most of the issues are already known. This session highlighted & then addressed them perfectly & the issues were dealt with rather systematically & timely. It gives me more confidence to deal with the crisis & evolve to the new normal.”

“On behalf of the team I would like thank Rajan and Ramiah for taking the initiative and organizing this much needed session. It gives us a direction and a roadmap to proceed. The key now is timely execution with the necessary flexibility in approach as the situation is evolving.” – Vijay Nair, DOSM