Past Workshops

Program: “Enhancing Promoter Effectiveness”

United Spirits Ltd., Bangalore

Rajan Parulekar sharing a light moment with attendees

Ramiah Daniels with participants

Rajan Parulekar speaking at the session

Rajan Parulekar with Ms. Akanksha, GM, United Spirits Ltd.

Client: United Spirits
Date: 30th July 2012
Hotel Regaalis, Bangalore

Participant Comments:

“Through this training program, I have understood how we must conduct ourselves in the stores and how we must talk to customers.”

“This program has made me bolder and I feel that I have lost a bit of the stage fright I used to feel when talking to customers.”

“Both the trainers, Mr. Parulekar & Mr. Daniels are very good and I especially liked the teachings on ‘how to convert customers’.”

“The faculty was friendly and approachable and had a lot of clarity in communication.”

“Our approach to our customers that we must have was taught very well & I enjoyed this session.”

“My learning from this program is – time management, grooming discipline and customer conversions.”

“The program can be applied to our daily jobs well and I was impressed by the trainers knowledge on our subject… we would surely like to attend more such programs by our company.”

“Discipline, expression, knowledge of the product was excellent from both the trainers.”

“This was a very practical session and apt for our needs.”

“The trainers, their style, content & approach were commendable & it was good learning for us.”

“The faculty’s explanations along with applicable examples made this session easy to comprehend.”

“I learnt a lot on how to approach and behave with my customers, grooming and improving my working style.”

“I am very pleased with today’s learning on customer interaction.”

“I learnt a lot on how to focus on the customer instead of myself in order to succeed at my job.”

“This has been the best training program ever. I wish we had done this over two days. Nevertheless, during this time I have learnt how to manage my work life on a daily basis to ensure my success.”

“My key learning has been on body-language and on how to handle customers who are in a hurry at my store and how to look at them as long-term customers and build relationships in every interaction with them.”

“Basic selling skills were a key learning for me… also the interaction provided during the sessions helped me bond with colleagues well.”

“Professionalism at our outlets & how to best handle our customers were discussed very clearly during this program and we were able to identify the wrong things we have done in the past.”

“I have learnt the importance of punctuality, grooming, body language and how these affect my performance… also key do’s and don’ts in selling.”

“I have learnt a lot on communication skills and on discipline and how it affects my performance.”