Past Workshops

Program: “Managerial Effectiveness”

Held for in-house managers at The Leela, Goa

Ramiah Daniels conferring with attendees during the session

Departmental Managers attending the final presentation at the end of two days

Rajan Parulekar speaking at the session

Departmental Managers attending the final presentation at the end of two days




GM Shridhar Nair distributing prizes for participation

with GM Shridhar Nair and Training Manager Mohanjit Nair

Session participants with Training Manager Ms. Nair at The Leela, Goa

Client: The Leela, Goa
Date: 26th & 27th July 2012

Letter of appreciation from the General Manager

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Participant Comments:

“The learning I gained through these two days program on Managerial Effectiveness was tremendous”

“What I liked best about the program was the interaction with case examples”

“I feel that the program was effective and applicable”

“I specifically liked the structured approach on how to solve problems & this program also made me realize the importance of positive thinking in my job.”

“I just loved the presentation and explanation with practical examples from the industry which I could relate with easily.”

“This program was informative, practical and interactive”

“The concept of talent management discussed during this program has really stood out as one of the greatest learnings over the past two days.”

“What I really loved about the past two days in these sessions was that the program was informative & stress-free, hence easy to grasp and learn.”

“The involvement of the faculty, Mr. Daniels & Mr. Parulekar was tremendous & they are extremely informative.”

“This program has been very interactive and has made us think and self-analyze.”

“I loved the detailed discussions in which we were made to ideate and come up ourselves with solutions on our specific departmental challenges, rather than only discussing the problems.”

“The program had apt examples given for various situations and I appreciate the content and the way it was conducted and the learning derived from it.”

“Never a dull moment with all the exercises, case studies & interaction with my colleagues.”

“The discussions on challenges within our departments were very interesting.”

“This program excelled in Practicality & Looking Beyond… Excellent Faculty!!”