Past Workshops

Public Workshop: “Contextual Selling®”

Conducted for Bangalore’s hospitality trade

Group picture

Rajan & Ramiah in session

Ramiah in session

Rajan interacting with participants

The Faculty

Venue: The Zuri Bangalore
Date: 28-29 Mar 2019

Participating Organizations

ITC Gardenia
The Den, Bangalore
Zuri Hotels
(Bangalore, Kumarakom, Goa)
Pride Hotel
The Paul Bangalore
Kumarakom Lake Resort
Gokulam Grand Hotel and Spa

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“This workshop has helped me to increase and improve my selling skills… I particularly liked to role plays conducted and the way the faculty engaged us all throughout the two days with never a dull moment”

“The training was very interactive and had lots of real life situations and the role plays conducted gave a better understanding of the program concepts”

“I used to think I was doing a lot of things correctly on field, but this workshop helped me understand that many of these things I was doing since the start of my career were incorrect – now after this training workshop, I will try to implement these learnings and change my selling style”

“The role-plays were a great learning and I thought the interaction throughout the workshop was really good”

“Theory was taught along with complete engagement of the audience, and the role plays were extremely effective in learning the selling concepts taught over these two days”

“Leading Questions, Role-plays, Sales Funnel – all of these along with the practical style of learning were my takeaways from this session”

“As far as I am concerned, this workshop was really good – I learned a lot on listening skills, mistakes sales persons do, etc.”

“A very informative and effective workshop which trained me on selling through a more enlightened perspective”

“I particularly liked the trainers’ styles and their way of convincing me in regard to the concepts taught”

“The faculty had a great delivery style…. Kudos, as I found this workshop most practical and also highly recommendable”

“A very interactive workshop with many opportunities for Q&A, role plays – a lot of takeaways for me”

“The trainers (faculty) have the best in class experiences to share and are extremely approachable – thus making this two day workshop a great learning experience”