Past Workshops

Two day public workshop: “Guest Delighted”

Conducted for Bangalore’s hospitality trade

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Exercise on communication

Group exercises

Rajan in session

Participant sharing

Venue: Mövenpick Hotel, Bangalore
Dates: 09-10 Dec 2016

Participating Organizations

Mövenpick Hotel, Bangalore
Howard Johnson Hotel
Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites
Windmills Craftworks
Toit Brewpub
The Permit Room
Cinnamon Hospitality
Apple Fitness 24/7

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

• “What I liked most about this program is that now I know better the areas I need to work on and how to interact with different people in different situations”
• “Loved the role plays and the interaction throughout the workshop. The trainers kept us engaged throughout the program. The content was informative and realistic and very applicable to our daily life”
• “I learnt a lot from the role plays, the group discussions and other activities throughout the workshop. Paraphrasing, Questioning and Summarizing in communication was a special learn for me”
• “The Case studies, interaction with industry colleagues, and the great faculty was the highlight of this workshop to me”
• “I have gained good knowledge on delighting my guest and areas where I now need to improve myself”
• “A great and interactive session, I appreciate the way the faculty connected with us and their experiences and the sharing/relating to the subject was of a special note”
• “The trainers were extremely good and the role play sessions were very productive”
• “The trainers, Mr. Parulekar & Mr. Daniels have a very good combination of practical & theoretical knowledge and this training is very applicable to our day to day duties”
• “The clarity of concepts to be used in delighting guests and the planned approach and flow of the workshop are what really appealed to me”
• “How interactive the entire two days have been! I especially enjoyed the session on communication towards guest delight”
• “The entire workshop was good and I enjoyed the role plays and the concept of PQS in communication”
• “A nice program and it was helpful to learn about guests in detail. I enjoyed the case studies and the interaction throughout”
• “The topic is very important and relevant to our daily routine as well as to the present competitive scenario in the market”