Past Workshops

Two-day public workshop: “Value Reengineering to enhance GOP”

Conducted for Bangalore’s hospitality trade

Group picture

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Group exercises

Group exercises

Group exercises

Venue: The Den Bangalore
Dates: 23-24 Mar 2018

Participating Organizations

The Leela Palace Bangalore
The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore
The Den, Bangalore
The Paul, Bangalore
Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala
Howard Johnson Hotel
Oakwood Residence Prestige Whitefield Bangalore
The Fisherman’s Wharf, Bangalore
Total Environment Hospitality, Bangalore

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Theory and practical application of the same was the best part about the program and the presentation style and course material were exemplary”

“All topics were backed by an assignment for better understanding and hence did not appear too theoretical… the workshop was very well presented with key insights and learnings”

“The topics on P&L statement, GOP, Cost saving, Menu engineering, etc. were taught in a simple mode for us to absorb and understand and thereby implement at our work”

“An extremely interactive workshop with lots to learn, unlearn and relearn for me”

“I liked the interactivity and team exercises along with the relevance of topics and their relation to my work”

“The knowledge gained and the sharing amongst participants was incredible”

“The examples used throughout were around our day to day functions and hence I was able to relate to this workshop very well”

“Very knowledgeable trainers and their ability to relate the topics to practical situations was amazing”

“A very useful program where we can make use of the learnings as well as involve our teams in our day to day operations in a realistic manner”

“The exercises were well designed and the trainers were clearly subject matter experts”

“I loved the topics on P&L cost centres – As a chef, payroll control and menu engineering will be extremely useful to me”

“The workshop was made simple, realistic and practical and I appreciate the practical exercises with interactive sessions all through the two days.”

“I enjoyed the sessions on P&L, Food Cost, Menu Engineering and Manpower – a very interactive workshop”

“It was interesting to learn how each and every department has a significant role to play in influencing the Hotel GOP”

“Best practices, cost saving ideas, ROI and Balance sheet, along with the total engagement of participants was a highlight of this workshop”

“The contents and presentation of this course along with examples shared, and the interaction and clarity of learning was brilliant”

“This was an extremely interactive session where each and every participant was encouraged to open up and share, thus making the learning significant”

“What I liked the most of this two day program was that it was more example driven than theoretical, and thus relevant to our industry with real life day to day scenarios”