Past Workshops

Two day public workshop: “Value Reengineering to enhance GOP”

Conducted for Goa’s hospitality trade

Group picture

Rajan in session

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Ramiah in session

Venue: The Zuri Goa
Dates: 20-21 Nov 2017

Participating Organizations

The Leela Goa
The Zuri White Sands, Varca Goa
Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel
Novotel Goa Resort & Spa Hotel
The HQ
Holiday Inn Resort, Goa
Goa – La Vida Varca
Models Goa, Hospitality Division
Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurants

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The way the topics were broken down into a simple mode for us to absorb and understand the basic financial acumen required, was to me the highlight of this workshop”

“A very interactive workshop with exercises given to solve; which helped us a lot to understand the subject from a practical viewpoint”

“This workshop was very relevant and appropriate for me and I got to learn a lot here”

“My key learnings were on understanding the P&L and controlling cost centres”

“Apart from financials, this workshop helped me gain knowledge on being an effective operational manager and how I could train my team to be more resourceful”

“A key topic for managers with a very interactive training style, I have learned quite a few new things over these two days”

“This workshop is very relevant to our industry and the way it was presented and explained was very clean and simple”

“Each topic was dealt with in detail and doubts cleared by breaking the issue down and making it simple; the two major heads of payroll and food cost were dissected in detail for great learning”

“The detailing done on each and every point was an eye opener for me. Most of the things taught were new to me and it will help me in growing myself”

“A new topic which is vast and not taught before, was made very interesting and simple”

“I enjoyed the sessions on P&L, Food Cost, Menu Engineering and Manpower – a very interactive workshop”

“Controlling costs and increasing profits were explained in a detailed informative manner, yet with simplicity – I really enjoyed this very interactive workshop though topics covered were quite alien to me”

“The significance of discounting on the GOP was a big learning to me during this workshop”