Past Workshops

2-day public workshop: “What the Front-Line Manager needs to know about Selling”

Conducted for Chennai’s hospitality trade

Group picture with program attendees

Group Exercises

Group Exercises

Group Exercises

Ramiah in session

Venue: The Park, Chennai
Dates: 20-21 Mar 2015

Participating Organizations

The Leela Palace
The Trident Oberoi
The Park
Radisson Blu Resort, Temple Bay Mamallapuram
Radisson Blu Hotel
GRT Grand Hotel
Cloudnine Hospital

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Explanation of topics through role-plays helped us as participants to understand these topics better. I particularly enjoyed the concept of connecting with the customer and its practical implementation.”

“This workshop will help me enhance my selling skills & I appreciate the polished and professional way it was handled with the right approach and training technique.”

“This program was carried out professionally by experts who have been in our industry. The ice-breaker used was very good and all participants were given an opportunity to participate in the various exercises. The case studies referred to were easy to relate to and made a lot of sense to me. Thank you so much for this wonderful training experience.”

“This workshop had a lot of interactions with participants from within our industry and the role plays provided for good and interesting learning.”

“There was a high level of interaction and learning through role-plays, different perspectives and points of view.”

“Unlike other training programs, this workshop was very interactive and not ‘bookish’. The role-plays were very helpful in connecting with the topic being covered.”

“I loved everything about this program and I wish it could have been conducted for an extra day. I learnt a lot through the sessions on probing technique – by asking open, leading and closed questions.”

“The interactive nature of this program got me more involved in it. The faculty was very understanding of what we go through at work situations.”

“This training program was extremely interesting. I learnt a lot and for the first time, I was not bored through a workshop.”

“Each of us was involved completely in this program. I learnt a lot about handling guests through conversations in which I must ask questions in a positive manner to create value.”

“I learnt interesting techniques and methods on selling during this workshop and it taught me the importance of listening skills.”