Talent Management
Retention in a Competitive Environment

Duration: 2 days

“What do talented employees seek from their employers?
In a survey carried out by Gallup, the principle discovery was that they seek great managers.

An employee may join an organization for the brand, the emoluments and the designation; however the individual’s tenure is quite likely influenced by the manager’s ability to develop his/her skills.Salary is no longer the sole motivator to retain good talent, while self-development & learning along with achievement motivation has climbed up the Gen Y employee charts this century.

Talent Management cannot be left solely to the human resources department to attract and retain employees, but rather must be practiced at all levels of an organization, where line managers must recognize, attract, nourish and retain talent within a highly competitive business environment.

Hospitality Paradigm looks at the issue of talent management as a key performance objective for all team managers in today’s extremely competitive environment. The two day program brings together teams within the organization to view retention of their teams as their personal goal and not solely that of the HR department.

The sessions also looks at damage control in the face of inevitable attrition by addressing the principles of knowledge management and succession planning.