The First 5 Minutes
How to Cultivate New Customers

Duration: 2 days

Regular and loyal customers can give sustainability. However business growth is possible only by developing new customers and territories.

Very often it is the first few minutes which determine the length of a relationship and it is crucial for the sales person to realize that they could make or break a prospective relationship through the first meeting itself. Clients are too busy to meet with the same sales person again, and unless there is a connect established, the client will avoid the sales person thereafter.

Unfortunately, the current success rate in cold calls is less than 5% as most sales persons go about this in a completely transactional manner without investing their initial moments in relationship building and creating a connect with the prospective client.

This two day workshop by Hospitality Paradigm shows you how to identify, target and remove the roadblocks in meeting new potential customers along with innovative ways in winning over new customers.