Past Workshops

Two-day public workshop: “Guest Delighted”

Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore

Group picture with program attendees

Venue: Royal Orchid, Bangalore
Date: 02-03 December 2013

Participating Organizations

Griffith Laboratories Ltd.
Royal Orchid Hotels
The Park Hotel
Atria Hotel
Accor – Grand Mercure Hotel
Caperberry Restaurant

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Simple with a lot of practical street knowledge. A very interactive program with a very unorthodox enjoyable style.”

“Mr. Daniels’ example to each situation was precise and to the point. Though the session was basic, I am taking away a few points which will help me in operations… i.e. confidence, questioning skills and more importantly interpersonal skills. I would love to attend more such sessions in the future.”

“I liked this program as I find this useful for my life to a successful path.”

“I enjoyed the sessions on empathy and listening skills along with the ice-breakers as well. I also found the deciphering of key-words in communication very interesting and useful.”

“This workshop taught me a better way of understanding my guest’s needs. I enjoyed the case studies in this course.”

“This was an extremely practical workshop and related well with our work. It showed me opportunities to correct myself towards my approach to guest service and thus be a better team player.”

“Both Mr. Daniels & Mr. Parulekar were excellent in relating with our daily work cases. I learnt a lot on how to overcome my shortcomings through these sessions.”