Past Workshops

Two-day public workshop: “Managerial Effectiveness”

Group picture

Ramiah in session

Rajan in session

Team activity – Archery

Team activity – Rifle shooting

Venue: The Zuri, Goa
Date: 02-03 April 2014

Participating Organizations in Goa:

The Leela, Goa
Park Hyatt Resort, Goa
Goa Marriot Resort & Spa
The Zuri, Goa
Heritage Village Club, Goa
The HQ Hotel, Goa

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The great part about this program was the expertise and examples from the hospitality sector brought in by the trainers.”

“An excellent program which has helped me understand how to be more organized and make the best of my given resources, instead of complaining about it.”

“This program made me think differently and I realized that I need to appreciate my staff more.”

“I loved the practical aspect of this program – The trainers always gave apt examples rather than theory. Also, the group activities helped me in discovering myself and my hidden talents.”

“The team-building activities were appropriate and helped us all to ‘gel’ together. This was an apt program making talent discovery great fun.”

“All topics covered were well chosen and each topic was of importance. A good program which guides us in how to become effective managers.”

“I liked the way this workshop was conducted… very practical, and the activities were very useful in learning the concepts taught. This program was so good that I felt it could have been taken over three days!”

“This program has definitely enhanced my way of thinking and I thank both trainers for a great session.”

“I liked the self-motivation session and the learning on taking effective measures to increase my efficiency. The entire workshop was very well conducted and I enjoyed it as it was more of interaction and less of presentation.”

“An entertaining and learning program. I enjoyed the team activities, the ice-breakers, the case studies and the role-plays. We can apply the learning’s practically at our workplace.”

“This module has been sequenced in the best possible manner and I could not suggest how it may be better. The training has been interactive and applicable to our jobs.”

“Through this workshop, I have understood the actual meaning and difference between efficiency and effectiveness. The principle of “Paretto” in time management is very useful to me.”