Past Workshops

Two-day workshop: “Change Management”

Conducted for Heads of Departments – The Leela, Goa

Group picture with Shridhar Nair, GM

Team-work group exercise

Venue: The Leela, Goa
Date: 04-05 April 2014

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The program was extremely nice and interesting. The activities planned made me realize that if we have the will, we can develop the skills. The role we play in the organisation and the concept of six thinking hats was also very interesting.”

“I learnt that there is a solution to every problem where identifying the problem is very important to accepting change. The case studies, task breakdown and the six thinking hats concepts were excellent.”

“The DABDA concept of Elizabeth Kubler Ross was extremely interesting and true. I loved the way we were constantly engaged to participate in the training over the two days.”

“A very informative and well organized program. Of note were the case studies and the six thinking hats concept.”

“The program allowed us to look back at the way we handle situations and how we can work differently going forward.”

“I loved this program’s participative style and the knowledge, experience and approach of the trainers was really helpful.”

“Every element of this program was well connected to our day to day job and it also helped me to observe myself from a neutral perspective, which usually does not happen while at work.”

“I enjoyed the connect between the learning and the participants during this program.”

“The learning’s through this workshop can definitely be implemented. Also, it was challenging and helped bring us out of our comfort zone.”