Past Workshops

Two-day workshop: “Contextual Selling”

Conducted for Sales team – Clarks Exotica Resort & Spa, Bangalore

Group Picture with Sales Team

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Ramiah in session

Group Exercise

Venue: Clarks Exotica Resort & Spa, Bangalore
Dates: 24-25 Mar 2015

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“This training session has helped me to be more confident. It has opened my understanding about the product I am selling. It has also shown me the market potential which can be tapped. It has also helped me to handle rude (angry) guest and payment handling.”

“This workshop was very good. I learned a lot more apart from selling, like presentations and questioning etc. I can see myself as a real salesman now.”

“This sales workshop was a really beautiful experience which made me understand how a sales person should present himself in the market.”

“The programme has helped me in understanding the various aspects and techniques of making an effective sales call and thereby generating business. Personally, I believe exercising the various modules and skills, would help me in performing better and overcoming / undoing my previous mistakes. I enjoyed the session.”

“I would like to thank you Mr. Rajan and Mr. Daniels for training us. The positive thing is that we enjoyed the training and role plays and it will help us in future. We also learned some key points in upselling that we can use.”

“I learnt excellent ways to upsell our product and create a “WOW” to the guest. For us, yes I do think I can speak for my team; it’s been a “WOW” which is ‘Words of Wisdom’. I do believe that truly a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”

“It was a nice training session for me, where I learnt a lot of new things and terminologies about sales. I have to be a part of this training session in future as well to learn some new thing.”

“This training programme has taught me to carry myself with pride while on a sales call, how to negotiate with the client and how to be presentable in front of the client/guest. I learnt how to make use of time effectively during my daily sales calls; how to speak less & listen more for better productivity; how to say “No” in a polite manner.”