Past Workshops

Two-day workshop: “Contextual Selling”

The Park, Bangalore

Group Picture

Rajan & Ramiah in Session

Rajan & Ramiah in Session

Rajan in Session

A participant on key learning’s gleaned

Client: The Park, Bangalore
Venue: The Park, Bangalore
Date: 06-07 September 2013

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“I liked the manner in which relevant and real-life examples were discussed and the role-plays enacted.”

“This module was highly interactive and the recording / replay of the role-plays really aided the success of the session.”

“Everything was superb! The role-plays were the best part, wherein we could see our areas of improvement and how we must handle situations in sales calls with our clients.”

“A very interactive workshop, related to our industry.”

“The examples, role-plays and real-life situations were a highlight of these two days of training.”

“The case studies, the role-plays & the participation were notable and made this program a success.”

“The personalised and customised course along with the role-plays and their video-graphed playback was what I liked most about this workshop”

“It was a very practical program and we could connect it with our daily situations.”