Past Workshops

Two-day workshop: “Contextual Selling”

Conducted for Sales team – Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa, Rajasthan

Group Picture with Sales Team

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Outdoor Session

Outdoor Session

Venue: Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa
Dates: 07-08 Sept 2015

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“This workshop was very informative and interesting. I believe I had some of the skills discussed, but by this program I can now use them in a better manner, plus with the additional skills imparted through this program, I feel I can become a better sales person.”

“This session was a big learning experience which I will apply in my job. Thank you for making the workshop more interactive with case studies, etc. for better understanding.”

“This two day program was good and teaches the basics which are normally not implemented and which help in selling effectively.”

“It has been a very good experience attending this workshop. I have specifically learnt how to increase the value in the customer’s mind, how to be more successful in presenting my product and how to listen, understand and then respond to the client’s issues.”

“This programme on ‘Contextual Selling’ was very interesting and very knowledgeable. Through this I have learnt a new perspective on selling my product, showcasing my hotel and obtaining value whilst doing so. Thank you so much to the trainers for sharing their experience.”

“I liked the two day sessions on ‘Contextual Selling’ and believe it will help me in increasing my business and create a good connection with the guest. I do hope I will get more opportunities to attend such programmes in the future.”

“This training workshop helped me to understand better my customer’s needs; how to approach and obtain optimum information from my customer; the correct questioning techniques for obtaining information from my clients. This way, I will be able to tap the right opportunities to obtain business.”

“This workshop was very informative, good and an eye opener. It has changed my perception about sales and shown me ways to improve my skills to achieve desired results. I have learnt many things that would be useful to me as per different situations I normally face with my clients. It has been a great learning experience.”

“I have learnt how to respond to different types of customers. Building rapport and making conversation to build a connect; identifying the customer’s needs before trying to sell my product; saying no and being assertive when required; presenting myself; being able to identify areas of improvement in my sales calls; these are some of the key learning’s for me during this workshop.”

“I learnt that we should talk less, allow the customers to speak and listen more! I also understood how I must leverage our parent brand to sell our hotel better. The importance of building on client relationships and collecting more information before trying to sell has been highlighted well in this workshop.”

“I am thankful to the management for this workshop. I have learnt a lot on rapport building, speaking less to make the client speak more, identifying client’s needs to make for better customised packages. I will certainly try to use these techniques on a daily basis hereafter.”

“This has been my first sales training experience and it has been good. I have learnt upselling, questioning techniques, listening skills and would love to attend such sessions in the future as well.”