What the Front Line Manager needs to know about Selling
Effective Selling Techniques for Operational Managers

Duration: 2 days

If convincing your current guests to spend more seems like a hopeless uphill climb, consider this: A Gallup Global Management study has found it costs five times as much to win over a new client than it does to serve an existing one.
This makes upselling and cross-selling an essential component of the Front Line Manager’s ongoing relation with a guest – not only to solidify the relationship, but to also make that relationship more profitable for both sides.

Hospitality Paradigm’s two day workshop on Effective Selling for operational managers introduces participants to time tested and solid techniques to induce the guest to purchase higher value items, upgrades, other add-ons and even the services of other departments in an attempt to make more revenues and profitable sales.
The session emphasizes on how, apart from the organization’s benefit, upselling and cross-selling techniques must enhance the value that the guest receives, thereby ensuring that the relationship with the guest is never disrupted.