Past Workshops

Workshop: “Change Management – Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”

Conducted for Heads of Departments, The Leela, Kovalam

Rajan Parulekar on ’embracing change’

Ramiah Daniels on ‘change management’

Rajan Parulekar elucidating a point

Interactive Session involving the participants

Rajan Parulekar on ‘organisational phases of growth’

Group games during the workshop on Change Management

Group games during the workshop on Change Management

With General Manager N.C. Somaiah

Client: The Leela Kovalam
Date: 3rd & 4th September 2012

Letter of appreciation from the General Manager

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Participant Comments:

“The interactive sessions with a lot of humour were enjoyable.”

“I was very comfortable with the ‘tension-free’ learning atmosphere and the practicality of the topics.”

“The remarkable part of these sessions was the trainer’s connect with the audience. Participants were coming out and participating and expressing themselves. Here itself was the change visible!”

“The experience of the faculty, the engagement of the audience and the training goal was very clear & effective.”

“The exercise on ‘gap analysis’ where I was judged by my co-participants was a learning curve. The session was very interactive and I suggest this be done off-site in future, to be even more effective.”

“I appreciate the timing and simplicity in handling the topic, which was also communicated very well. The program could have been done away from the hotel in which we operate daily.”

“I liked the leaning on ‘how to give feedback in the right manner’ taught during the Gap analysis session. Would have enjoyed more outdoor exercises.”

“I learnt a lot on problem resolution and the pointers provided for the same by the trainers. More on team cohesiveness as a topic would have added additional value to this session.”

“I liked the analogies drawn to real-life hospitality examples.”

“This was an effective program, for given the time constraints; the participants were encouraged to open up, hence making this very interactive.”

“This program is successful for it was able to bring out the inner thoughts of the participants.”