Past Workshops

Workshop: “Contextual Selling”

2 day Workshop conducted for the Sales teams of Zuri Hotels and Resorts, Goa

Rajan and Ramiah with Shobu Mathew, V.P. Sales & Mktg along with the Zuri Hotels sales teams

In session

In session

Shobu Mathew, V.P. Sales and Mktg sharing his experiences

Participant sharing her learning

Participant sharing his learning

Ramiah doing a role play with participants

Chess Games – Strategies in Selling

Chess Games – Strategies in Selling

Chess Games – Strategies in Selling



Rajan explaining a role-play during playback


Rajan at Group Role Plays

Probing Questions – Team Games

Probing Questions – Team Games

Probing Questions – Beach Games

Probing Questions – Beach Games

Client: Zuri Hotels and Resorts
Dates: 22-23 April 2013
Venue: The Zuri White Sands, Goa

Letter of appreciation from the VP

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Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The entire two days were lively and involving with the role-plays”

“An excellent program; I would higly recommend this to other sales teams”

“Very engaging and informative at the same time”

“The part on open and closed questions was very interesting; I was unaware of this probing techinique. The entire program was very interactive”

“I liked the topics that were covered, the pace at which they were explained and the role-plays as they were relating and connecting with our job.”

“Very focused training program, applying theoretical knowledge practically.”

“Learnt additional focus on how to do a sales-call effectively. This has helped me improve upon my skills and knowledge”

“This workshop will certainly play an important role in my future selling performance thanks to its clear and precise information and its relation to my selling job.”

“The basic inputs required for selling were covered adequately and the trainers were able to relate with our daily sales experiences very effectively.”

“The real-time learning and its practical implementation was to me the success of this two day workshop on ‘Contextual Selling’.’

“Loved the role-plays enacting real-life sales call scenarios and making each situation relevant to our daily challenges.”

“This training program was not just about ppt slides and presentations, but dwelt on real-life situations through activities and thus connected with each particpant providing answers to many of their confusions and difficulties.”

“The trainers were extremely approachable and kept the audience engaged throughout the two day event by making the sessions interactive. The fact that we could not catch even one person from amongst the audience sleeping, says a lot!”

“Excellent training module which will help me as an individual to grow and excel in life.”

“The faculty’s ability to relate to the hospitality industry’s selling concepts helped us understand and learn much better.”

“This workshop was highly interactive and had more of practical learnings with role-plays, etc. and thankfully not with boring theoretical lectures. I do wish there was more time to cover listening skills and creativity in sales.”

“What I liked in this workshop is its simplicity, involved role-plays and team building exercises, effective slide presentations and video clippings; all of this engaged and persuaded the crowd irrespective of the answers obtained.”

“I specially liked the ‘understanding and reading the client’ learnings through the emotional state balance scorecard. This will help me analyse the actual state of the sales-order from the client’s perspective. I am unable to think of any improvement one can do to this program… Just keep it this way.”

“All learnings obtained here have come the practical way rather than through theory and this is what I liked best about this program.”

“I enjoyed the participation with each and every one. The entire session helped me in understanding and accepting my weakness and has guided me on the correct path to follow henceforth.”

“It was the combination of both practical and theory which was easily understandable and also very creative in its approach.”