Past Workshops

Workshop: “Enhancing Negotiation Skills”

Conducted for the all-India Sales team of Paul Resorts & Hotels

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Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Group Exercises

Sales Funnel Presentation

Venue: The Paul, Bangalore
Date: 06-07 Dec 2019

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Great feedback and thank you for the very practical and informative training session on Negotiating Skills conducted. The team will surely put it to good use and with constant follow up from us we should start seeing positive results – The Proof of the Pudding! I hope to hear of some real life examples, where the team members have won a sizeable piece of business based on the knowledge gleaned out of the training program.” – Shelley Thayil (COO)

“Thank you for taking us through the nuances and various aspect of the module. Undoubtedly it was informative and an eye opener to all of us. The usefulness would come to the fore only when we start practicing and implementing in our day to day activities. Looking forward to the third module on Key Account Management.” – Vijay Nair (DOSM)

“I would definitely recommend this interactive workshop on negotiation skills. One of the most important things we learnt was about how important client relationship is and how important it is to create maximum value for them.”

“This workshop has enhanced my knowledge in selling and will really help us in negotiating more strongly on a case to case basis.”

“This program was good and precise and some of the issues have been really helpful to improve selling skills. The best part is that it has given me confidence to sell my product at a higher rate from a position of strength.”

“The role-plays conducted really helped me understand the mistakes I make when on field. These sessions were really interactive and I especially liked the exercise on ‘If I give you… will you give me…?’ which I believe can be applied successfully during negotiations.”

“I would certainly recommend this program favourably. Understanding the science of ‘negotiation’ through BATNA, ZOPA, RP and Issue Analysis and the interaction and learning thereof through colleague sharing’s has been the highpoint of this learning workshop.”

“Loved the practical role-plays and group discussions and learnings on integrative negotiation along with the clarity on the negotiation process.”

“The importance of analysis before negotiations (BATNA, ZOPA, RP, and Issue Analysis) was driven home to us very well through this workshop.”

“Preparation for negotiation, identifying and defining issues, conflict handling, identifying strengths and weakness of all sides, asking in return when being asked, the course material… these were the workshop highlights for me.”

“Great learning on the topic of enhancing negotiation skills… for me the role-play with my current client and the negotiation deadlock thereof was of great value to help me understand where I am standing and where I could improve and correct my mistakes.”

“This workshop had relevance to the doubts I had before the programme and the trainers were responsive to these doubts through the exercises, group discussions and role-plays conducted… I especially liked the session on Issue Analysis as a must-do to enhance negotiations.”

“I would definitely practice the learnings and use the same in my day to day calls as well as in my personal life as well… the clinical approach to the objections faced during negotiations and how we must make the client think, thereby creating a value proposition was an important learning for me.”

“The training and teaching skills of the faculty are the best, their examples really helped us to understand the topic, while the role-plays and exercises made us aware and thereby helped in building our confidence.”