Past Workshops

Two day workshop: “High Value Contextual Selling”

Conducted for Sales team – Vascon Engineers Pune

Group picture

Venue: Pune
Dates: 12-13 Feb 2017

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The various practical role-plays, interactive case studies and the active participation from the audience was the highlight of this workshop”

“The selling skills taught, the 3 mistakes sales people commonly make, the role-plays – all this made the sessions a great learning experience for mew”

“This workshop has taught me a lot on grooming and personality, client handling, and how to conduct myself while selling”

“I loved the case studies and the role plays. This workshop had many key learnings which were easily understood”

“I really enjoyed the various role plays conducted and the way the topic was presented and explained”

“Concepts were easily understood in the interactions generated through cases studies, live examples and their role plays”

“I liked the way the trainers connected with us and the role plays were very useful throughout the program”

“The interaction throughout the workshop was notable and the role plays were most enjoyable as well as educative”

“A very practical and interactive program”