Past Workshops

Three day workshop: “Faculty Development Program”

Conducted for All-India Faculty of Institute of Hotel Management, India

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Participant interaction

In session

Ramiah in session

Venue: IHM Bangalore
Dates: 08-10 Feb 2017

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“Very good content and well sequenced with good examples. Both trainers were very well presented and good communicators. We look forward to more such programs in the future”

“Less PowerPoint presentations, more activities, involvement of all participants, so many suitable examples, needs analysis done to satisfy the participant’s needs, keeping to the time frame, all these contributed to a great workshop”

“Issues like handling large or heterogeneous groups were addressed in a simple and effective manner”

“I liked the fact that there were lots of activities with apt examples… A very practical teaching style with proper examples given to understand the subject”

“The trainers were very good in involving the participants and in quoting examples which are very useful in relating to our work, thus making me realize my areas of improvement”

“This was the first time I was present both mentally & physically in the class, due to the fact that we were involved throughout the sessions. Also this was a kind of training that I had never received earlier and I especially enjoyed the session on Emotional Intelligence”

“The curriculum was good and the faculty very experienced. Also the various examples given were excellent”

“I loved the session on Stress Management, Handling the Millennial Generation and the various activities throughout. Everything was just perfect and expectations were fully met”

“Understanding the use of case studies for larger groups and the observations and expectations of Gen Y were of special interest to me”

“Handling and drafting of case studies, Understanding EQ, Understanding the importance of Stress and it’s Management – these were my key take-away”