Past Workshops

Workshop: “Managerial Effectiveness”

2 day Public Workshop conducted for the hospitality industry

In Session

In Session

Exercise: Drawing a window to your mind

Exercise: Drawing a window to your mind

Exercise: Drawing a window to your mind

Group Exercise: Teamwork to create music together

Group Exercise: Teamwork to create music together


Public Workshop
Venue: Mövenpick Hotel and Spa, Bangalore
Date: 22 & 23 Mar 2013

Participating Organizations

(Bangalore, India)

Novotel Ibis ACCOR
Grand Mercure Residences
Hilton Residences
ITC Gardenia
ITC Windsor
Royal Orchid Hotel
St. Marks Hotel
Paul Hotel
Zuri Hotel
BIAL (Bangalore Intl Airport Ltd.)

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“I loved the informal learning methods used. It was a very well connected and tight program.”

“This program will certainly help me to understand my people and me as a manager. This program is very beneficial to new managers. I loved the case studies, role plays, engaging participants to come out with solutions from within, etc.”

“I liked the case studies and examples… connecting theory to practice.”

“We unknowingly do wrong things resulting in problems… I got tools to correct this. Like STR in Talent Identification, communication, etc.”

“This program will help me organize things better and in a structured manner – to look for positives and talent in my team, and use this for better productivity and results.”

“This program helps me think differently, especially on the strength of my subordinates rather than brood on their weakness.”

“This program was very interactive and knowledgeable.”

“Interaction, especially of Ramiah Daniels and his ability to de-construct and make me understand was much appreciated.”

“I would call it a ‘Blast from the Past’ as the faculty reminded us about the basics learnt over the years but easily forgotten… problem solving made easy.”

“It was practical and relevant to live hotel situations.”

“I liked the fact that I could relate to the topics covered with my daily work on the job and the fact that this program provided the inputs which would help me recognize my staff and build upon their talents.”

“This program was very interactive and full of participation.”

“Very unique program and though it contained matter I knew of, it was brought out more detailed and this will assist me in performing in a systematic manner.”

“This program was very relevant, productive and enjoyable. The networking with other executives from the trade will also be very useful.”

“I loved the exercise on team-work in which we had to create music together.”

“I liked the concept of understanding and identifying talent within my team. This will help my performance improve in my professional life.”

“This program is good for middle management of the hotel.”

“This program was a refresher for me as some of these techniques are already being used by me for managerial development. This program has a huge scope and is excellent if a few wrinkles can be ironed out.”

“I liked the activities and the concepts of stress management and understanding talent the best. The practical aspect of the program was very good and it kept us engaged. The 2nd day was particularly enjoyable.”