Past Workshops

Two day workshop: “Managerial Effectiveness”

Conducted for Head of Departments – Raintree Hotels, Chennai

Group picture

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Rajan interacting with participants

Ramiah interacting with participants

Venue: Raintree Hotels, Chennai
Dates: 11-12 Apr 2016

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“An excellent program in which I really liked the concepts of SWOT, Time management, talent management and effectiveness”

“People management skills taught here was something new for mw and I have learnt a lot from it”

“Paretto principal of 80/20, SWOT and time management were my best takeaways from this workshop, which has more than sufficiently met with my expectations”

“I have learnt to not spoon feed my team and empower them to function. SWOT analysis will be taught to my executive team for sure as I find this a very useful tool”

“All exercises conducted were excellent and the role plays and case studies kept all participants lively and interactive throughout the workshop”

“This workshop has helped me relearn concepts I had forgotten and ignored over the past many years”

“A well-executed workshop, simple yet extremely informative”

“Understanding my people’s strengths and building my team on the basis of these strengths is something I would like to concentrate on post this workshop”

“The interactive nature of this workshop was the best part and it was made simple and straight forward to comprehend. More of such workshops would be great”

“Standing for my brand and being a brand ambassador for my hotel has been a great learning for me”

“The trainer’s narration and the way he presented the two days session was very informative as well as effective”