Past Workshops

Workshop: “Managerial Effectiveness”

Conducted for Head of Departments – Taj Hotels, Goa

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In session

Rajan in session

Ramiah in session

Ramiah in session

Group Exercise on team-work

Role play

Participant sharing

Venue: Taj Exotica, Goa
Dates: 22-23 Mar 2016

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“A very detailed and informative program with a lot of learning. The examples were very well defined and this should definitely help me in improving my work performance”

“An extremely interactive program. Easy going, understandable and related to my work and work performance”

“I liked the activities that engaged all participants and the ‘connect’ that was built with each topic. The simple method for using SWOT was helpful”

“The workshop was very informative and with examples related to our industry which made it more interesting in understanding the concepts”

“This program has taught me that application of theories are possible! I liked the concept of Gen X & Gen Y and it’s relation to managerial effectiveness”

“The has given me tools to introspect myself better and make necessary course corrections”

“A simplified approach to being an effective manager. Everything was just perfect”

“This program has taught me to be a flexible professional. I enjoyed the sessions on SWOT analysis, leadership styles and behavioural interviewing skills”

“This workshop was very clear about the approach and I liked the teaching techniques. Usage of SWOT, decision making styles and interviewing skills was the highlight to me”

“Quite an engaging workshop. I enjoyed the Gen X & Gen Y content in the program”

“The use of SWOT for critical day to day decisions, effective time management and leadership styles to be used, made this program very interesting”

“This workshop will be helpful for my day to day operations. I have been able to understand a lot of ways to make my job easier”