Past Workshops

Workshop: “Managing People through Transaction Analysis”

Conducted for Managers – The Leela Goa

Group Picture

Group Picture

Rajan in session

Rajan analysing a role play

Venue: The Leela Goa
Date: 02 June 2016

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“I learned how to handle situations in the Parent, Child and Adult state in the mode of parallel connections. Appreciating colleagues, avoiding using negative words, listening before I speak is something I must work towards”

“This workshop taught me about ego states which we come across in daily transactions with people. Stroke economy was also a good learning”

“I liked the learning on communication, viz. verbal/non-verbal/positive/negative/conditional/non-conditional strokes”

“Having attended this workshop, I feel more confident in conducting myself and handling situations using knowledge of listening skills, stroke economy and ego states”

“In order to have a healthier relationship with others, I will seek to understand people better and communicate in a more positive and assertive manner”

“This session was helpful to understand people’s mind-sets and their ego states and accordingly handling them with appropriate strokes”

“My learnings today have been on communicating with proper phraseology and appropriate body language. I plan to praise my people when possible instead of only giving negative strokes”

“Understanding strokes and their usage will be of great significance at work and for interaction with my guests and colleagues. Identifying the three ego states will help me in dealing with them”

“Understanding what the guest is really trying to say and the message it is really trying to convey will help me in bettering my guest interaction skills. Identifying people’s ego and the strokes I must use with them has been a learning for me in this workshop”

“Facing difficult situations, handling them in a positive manner and stroking oneself instead of waiting for appreciation has been my take away from this programme”