Past Workshops

2 day workshop: “Negotiation Skills for Key Account Management”

Conducted for luxury selling teams at Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi
Client: United Spirits Ltd.

Group Picture with Eastern Sales Team, Kolkata

Group Picture with Western Sales Team, Mumbai

Group Picture with Andhra Pradesh Sales Team, Hyderabad

Group Picture with Southern Sales Team, Bangalore

Group Picture with Northern Sales Team, New Delhi

Dates: 07 Nov–05 Dec 2013

Participant Comments:

Kolkata (07-08 Nov 2013)

“A highly appreciable program, very interactive with practical role-plays on day to day situations. Situation Handling and understanding the client’s point of view were to me the key learning’s during this program”

“Very specific and practical cases discussed – the role plays done were on actual incidents. I enjoyed the contents of the program, the connect to the actual work we are doing on a daily basis, the insights and thought processes of a POP client, the in-depth analysis of role-plays, etc.”

“An enlightening program with a detailed analysis on negotiation skills. The examples cited were very helpful and we can use the learning’s in our daily calls. This will definitely help us negotiate better with our clients. I like the role-play sessions, the insights into negotiation styles, the parameters of Info/time/power, and the insights into Human Relations in selling skills.”

“The insight to the hotel business and SOP’s was excellent along with the varied dynamics. I liked the role-plays with analysis, the content, the two dimensions brought in by the two trainers and the focus on “Anchor”

“A very interactive session where participants were encouraged to participate and share their experiences. The analysis of role-plays helped me understand situations and how to resolve them. The session was not boring, thanks to the personal experiences shared and these were connected very well to the points taught.”

Mumbai (11-12 Nov 2013)

“The presentation was clear, informative and engaging. I loved the role-plays, the ideas and knowledge shared, the faculty engagement throughout the two days program. The negotiation tactics and how to handle situations along with the BATNA concepts were the most useful for me.”

“The faculty had a good understanding of our business and was able to come up with relevant examples / case studies. This program was more of action oriented learning rather than theoretical learning”

“The way the faculty was able to explain with the aid of trade examples was very good. The tactics and strategies taught and a completely different perspective in negotiation skills were the highlights of this program. Nothing could have been done better as it was executed beautifully”

“Very realistic and relevant program. The connectivity and sharing of local challenging situations and role-plays are appreciable. Building trust, preparing for negotiations and prioritizing / issue analysis were of great value to me”

“Very critical problems coming our way in day to day interactions were explained and resolved with simplicity, logic and common sense”

Hyderabad (16-17 Nov 2013)

“The way the trainers portrayed the subject was very connective and commendable”

“Emphasis on how thinking / recognition of thinking can help us in our day to day life was a real learning”

“I liked specifically the following: 1) Logic around BATNA 2) Think differently 3) The attitude of the faculty towards queries.”

“This program was more practical than theoretical & I appreciated this very much.”

“Appropriate examples and contextual videos made this program delightful.”

Bangalore (19-20 Nov 2013)

“The interaction during the sessions was great and I was never bored at any point of time. Role-plays on day to day real life situations were commendable. I appreciated the healthy interaction and the receptivity of the trainers.”

“This workshop had an incredible connect with our business. I have attended many programs over the past many years with Diageo, but never has a program been so interactive and interesting.”

“The case studies, the role plays, the interactive sessions, the importance of BATNA and the simple understandable fundamentals that are relevant to my job profile were the highlights.”

“Mr. Daniels sharing his perspective from his own experiences helped us understand the POP’s side during negotiations. His experience made a lot of difference to the workshop.”

“I learnt a lot more through this program than what I knew on the topic of ‘negotiation’. The case studies and role plays were a real eye-opener for me.”

Delhi (04-05 Dec 2013)

“The best part of this workshop was the session on negotiation trade-offs. A practical program with a useful implementation of role-plays and case studies”

“This program taught me about the power of listening and identifying needs of our customers so as to help us plan our strategy”

“The deep understanding of the faculty on our subject was of note and I enjoyed the practical case studies and the insights into client behaviour. The role-plays and the feedback sessions thereafter were very useful to me”

“Theories were brought to perspective and this perspective was shown applicability in our daily jobs. All situations given were very real life and I could relate to them. I liked the way the program was conducted by the trainers with the right knowledge.”

“I learnt a lot on understanding needs and preparation for negotiations. The involvement and interaction was commendable. The case studies and role-plays from our industry and the possible solutions to daily problems were real good.”