Past Workshops

Workshop: “Towards Exemplary Leadership”

Conducted for Managers – The Leela Goa

Group picture

Rajan in session

Rajan in session

Ramiah in Session

Ramiah in Session

Group exercise

Group exercise

Group exercise

Venue: The Leela Goa
Dates: 08-09 October 2018

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“A very good session. Simple and effective. The trainers have taken actual situations which was the best part of the training session. It is a privilege to attend session conducted by Mr. Daniels and Rajan Parulekar. Positive vibes. I like the case studies the most.”

“The session was Excellent and easy to understand. I like the part where we had to compose the song with lots of constraints. There should be less of theory and more activities. I look forward for more such trainings.”

“It was very simple and easy to understand. I am happy to attend such training workshops. I liked SWOT Analysis the most.”

“I liked the entire training session. It was 100% relevant to our daily job/work profile. This training will help me to groom myself as a good leader. I especially liked the case study of chef Sudhakar.”

“This training is certainly going to help for my future growth and it was a very interesting, interactive and informative session.”

“This training will help me in analyzing situations and taking the right decisions to be a good leader. Very good examples were given and the trainers were very knowledgeable.”

“It was an excellent and well organized training. It will definitely help me in my day to day work. The style and methods adopted by the trainer were innovative and interesting. I liked the part where they explained about Identifying Talents and Leadership Skills.”

“It was a good training. I learned something new and I will surely implement in my department.”

“It was an excellent session to develop my leadership skills and I really liked the activity where we had to compose the song.”

“It was very good session. Easy to understand & with real life experiences and examples. All training sessions taken by Mr. Daniels and Mr. Parulekar are very effective. I liked the Activity on the concept of follower-ship and the learning from the same.”