Past Workshops

Two day workshop: “What the Front Line Manager needs to know about Selling”

Conducted for Operational team – Accor Hotels Goa

Group picture

Rajan in session

Rajan interacting with participants

Ramiah interacting with participants

Ramiah in session

Venue: Novotel Goa Resort & Spa
Dates: 13-14 Dec 2017

Participant Comments:

What I liked best about the program?

“The trainers, course material, role plays and lively interactions were to me the highlight of the workshop”

“The workshop is very informative and it was made more understandable through the role plays”

“This workshop will make me more effective in helping me deal with my guest and will help me change for the better”

“I love Rajan Parulekar’s training style. The trainers made this topic very interesting and kept us engaged in group activity throughout”

“The role plays and their playback with analysis helped us connect with the topic very effectively. Each topic is a learning and this knowledge will certainly help me in my future”

“The pace, scheduling and communication styles used during this training session was very good and easy to understand, making this the perfect program”

“This session helped my change my perception of selling – it was more practical and realistic”

“This workshop helped me understand where I stand and what are the opportunities for improvement”

“A very interactive program, which should be done for all associates – all my queries were met and all doubts on how to become a good sales person have been clarified”

“I enjoyed the role plays and playback sessions which aided in understanding better – this was a very interactive workshop”

“Role plays and their analysis through video playbacks, the way the program flowed, the activities and interactive nature of the workshop all contributed to making a great learning experience”

“This workshop is very relevant to our industry and the way it was presented and explained was very clean and simple”