You Win I win
Skillful Negotiation

Duration: 2 days

This two day program by Hospitality Paradigm takes a deeper, analytical look of the entire negotiation process, from beginning to end and is not only applicable for executives from Sales, but also for Operations, Purchase, HR, Admin, Finance.

Participants are shown how negotiation is an intricate process entailing more than just numbers, in which two or more parties come together to try to create a mutually agreeable contractual decision. Good negotiation skills help keep your company ahead of the game and protected from potential needless costs that often happen in the absence of them

Unless this process is viewed by the seller from both his as well as the client’s side, chances are the negotiation will not succeed. The sales person must understand that negotiation is a strategic business tool that keeps the client from spending money unwisely or venturing into a business contract too quickly without taking the time to really weigh the varying pro and con factors. Thereafter keeping his own company’s interests at heart, the seller must be able to match the expectations of client needs. Then and only then can there be a win-win situation.