India at 10 in business travel

India is quickly becoming a major global business travel market.  In 2012, India surpassed Canada to become the 10th largest business travel market in the world, spending a total of US$22.1 billion on business travel. Over the next five years, GBTA [Global Business Travel Association] expects India’s business travel spend will grow at a compound rate of 13.5%, making it one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Business travel spending in the Asia Pacific region has grown 8% annually since 2000, more than doubling in size and totaling US$393 billion in 2012. China is fast moving towards global dominance of the business travel market, and GBTA now expects that it will surpass the U.S. as the largest business travel market in the world by 2016. Spending in China has grown from US$32 billion at the start of the millennium to US$196 billion in 2012, and China’s meteoric growth is expected to continue, doubling to US$375 billion by 2017.

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More challenges ahead – MICE

The conference and meeting market remains unsettled, according to PwC. It is an important driver of demand and food and beverage spend for hotels, but the outlook is far from fully recovered. Demand remains polarized and price-aware, with residential meetings under buyer scrutiny. The meetings and conference market faces another challenging year, and is often the last demand segment to recover. More supply and changes to corporate procurement policies and sustainability issues around travel and communications technology are still leaving their mark. Shorter lead times, shorter meetings and clients wanting more for less and in less time are also trends.

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Vertical Farming

In a bid to reduce its dependence on imports, Singapore recently opened the first commercial-scale vertical farm. Its 120 aluminum towers, each 30 feet tall, produce more than 1,000 pounds of vegetables a day. Vertical farming is reputed to be more environmentally sound than traditional farming and also enables year-round agricultural production.

The idea behind vertical farming  is simple: Think of skyscrapers with vegetables climbing along the windows. Or a library-sized greenhouse with racks of cascading
vegetables instead of books. This innovative vertical farm could help change the way the world eats, giving dense cities an opportunity to grow food in their own back yard.

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Hospitality Paradigm meets Karnataka Governor

The founders of Hospitality Paradigm, Ramiah Daniels & Rajan Parulekar recently met with The Governor of Karnataka at the Rajbhavan, Bangalore to seek his good wishes. H.E. Shri Hans Raj Bhardwaj expressed his interest in Hospitality Paradigm’s vision and asserted that such ventures are the dire need of the burgeoning Hotel Industry.

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Tourism blame game

Ok, so the government is realising what it should have realised years ago… what a laugh!

Observing that lack of cleanliness could be a reason for low tourist traffic, a Parliamentary panel yesterday pulled up the Ministry of Tourism, saying the country’s global tourism share of 0.6 per cent is ‘unacceptable’ as it has a wide variety of tourist attractions.
In its report tabled in Parliament, the Standing Committee on Tourism and Culture reprimanded the Ministry for spending Rs 194 crore on overseas promotion saying the expenditure was not commensurate with foreign tourist arrivals. The Sitaram Yechury-led Committee also pointed out that the tourism potential of Indian islands was more than that of popular destinations such as Thailand and Singapore, but insufficient facilities have marred the tourism scope of these places, according to a report by PTI.
“Even though India has a vast variety of tourist attractions, the global tourism share is less than 0.6 per cent annually in terms of world arrivals. The Committee feels that this percentage is just unacceptable, and what we are aiming at is to achieve one per cent during the 12th Plan,” it said.
On the overseas tourism promotions, the Committee said Rs 194 crore was spent on this activity up to February 2012, which was not commensurate with the return in the form of number of foreign tourist arrivals. “The Committee is surprised that with so many attractions – religious, tourist, health, why we have not been able to attract enough tourists to India,” it said.
The Committee said it has ‘doubts’ about the overseas promotion campaigns and asked the Government to have a re-look into the necessity of various tourist promotion offices abroad and the efficacy of various officials under Overseas Promotion and Publicity

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Govt. of India – Hospitality Employment Initiative

It seems the Indian Government has woken up to the importance of the hospitality industry and it now aims at creating 77.5 million jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector by 2016 by adopting a ”pro-poor” approach to the development of the sector in the 12th five year Plan. “Initiatives to be taken towards the development of the tourism and hospitality sector in the 12th Plan will aim at increasing net benefits to the poor from tourism and ensure that tourism growth contributes to poverty,” said a Ministry of Tourism official.
The total employment in hospitality sector is estimated to be at 47.26 lakh in the year 2012-13 and 63.79 lakh in the year 2016-17. “To meet this requirement, there are plans to initiate a number of skill development programmes,” the official added. The Ministry also plans to enhance the institutional infrastructure of hospitality education by opening new Institutes of Hotel Management (IHM) and Food Crafts Institutes (FCI). The capacity of the existing hotel management and food crafts institutes will be augmented. Private sector investments will be encouraged, strengthening the institutional infrastructure of hospitality education.
This is the need of the hour and we wish them the very best in this endeavour!

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Hospitality Paradigm launched!

Finally! After loads of conceptualizing, gleaning market intelligence and feedback on our planned enterprise, we are now onboard having launched Hospitality Paradigm. We spent considerable thought in the creation of our new new logo and branding which we collaboratively developed with a branding agency. Our new website will continue to evolve as our business grows – we believe it very clearly communicates our brand values and positioning as a strategically minded training consultancy that specialises in enabling our valued clients to increase their business by maximising the potential of their employees. We look forward to sharing ideas here and value your feedback.

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